Renault 4 Duration in Austria

In Austria there are 591 Renault 4!

In 1987, the last of the 49,892 R4 were registered in Austria and by 2012 the stock has dropped to 530. Lt. Statistics Austria is now the Renault 4 inventory fortunately in the last six years again increased by a total of 61 vehicles. As of 31.12.2018, 591 Renault 4s were on the roads of Austria.

Styria, with 132 approved R4, is the state with the most R4! Lower Austria stays close to the Styrians with 130 Renault 4 in their stock! The strongholds of Renault 4 in Austria in 2018 were the following districts and magistrates: Südoststeiermark (24), Graz (23), Deutschlandsberg (21), Innsbruck (19), Klagenfurt (17), Baden (16), Kornneuburg (14) as well as Neunkirchen and Oberpullendorf (11 each). In the federal capital of Vienna, the district Währing and Penzing with 8 Renault 4 each have the highest inventory. In the following Austrian districts and magistrates as per 31.12.2018 according to Statistics Austria not a single Renault 4 approved :-(

Eisenstadt Stadt, Gmunden, Hallein, Landeck, Lienz, Mistelbach, Murau, St. Pölten and Waidhofen an der Ybbs. In the Viennese districts Rudolfsheim - Fünfhaus and Hernals no R4 was allowed in 2018. 2018 approvals by reporting office

The Renault 4 stock has grown again and again since 2012. The biggest growth was in the following districts: In Leibnitz, Wels Land and Zwettl three R4 were allowed in each case. Less Renault 4 is available in Vienna (-6) and in the district of Bruck an der Leitha (-3). Due to the dissolution of the district Wien Umgebung, there are 4 Renault 4 less with a WU license plate in recent years! It is gratifying that in recent years in the districts Schwaz (T), Steyr city (Upper Austria) and Waidhofen an der Thaya (Lower Austria) is again a Renault 4 on the way :-). In the district Scheibbs (Lower Austria) the stock has even grown from zero to 2 !!!

The data are from Statistics Austria. I hope you could get an overview of the Austrian Renault 4 landscape. The next stock figures as of 31.12.2019 will be available from June 2020 at the latest and will be published again on this website!

8,135,424 Renault 4 were built in 28 countries from 1961 to 1992. 0.61% of all Renault 4 have found their way to Austria as a new car. Of the 49,892 Renault 4 vehicles registered in Austria, just under 99% left our roads by the end of 2018 and landed at Auspandler and later in the junk press. In some garages and barns, some Renault 4 are waiting for their lives to be revived. In the last six years, the stock has risen by 61 Renault 4 and in many a workshop is working diligently, that also in the next few years the Renault 4 community gets regrowth :-)! Due to imports from the former Yugoslavia, the stock also increases. It is really gratifying that the Renault 4 is not threatened with extinction ;-) and we make sure that it stays that way!