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On the 2nd of May 2020 the 9th rÖno4 meeting will take place!
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€ 15,- Memorial Plaque - Rally Shield
€ 15,- Memorial Plaque - Rally Shield
€ 4,- rÖno4 sticker
€ 4,- rÖno4 sticker

* Conditions of participation 9. rÖno4 meeting Organizer and Event

  1. Organizer and event

    The organizer of the events is Mr. Helmut Edlinger, Bahnhofstraße 6 in Gloggnitz. The event is a private Austrian meeting for Renault 4 of the years of construction 1961 - 1992. Each participant accepts the submission of his registration, the conditions of the tender - even in the name of his passengers and passengers - without reservation.

  2. Conditions of participation

    Each participant assures with his registration that the vehicle he has driven, with which he participates in the event, is insured for traffic safety and liability, has an official license plate and complies with the provisions of the Highway Code. Furthermore, each driver confirms that he has a valid driving license for the registered vehicle. The participation takes place on invitation of the organizer to the conditions of the announcement. Due to the limited starting places, the organizer reserves the right to make a selection from the existing registrations.

  3. Registration

    Please complete the registration form completely and send it. Registrations can be rejected by the organizer without giving reasons. Registrations without payment of the participation fee until the registration deadline on April 18, 2020 are deemed not to have taken place. We ask you to upload a photo in the registration form. Attention: The participant declares to the organizer by submitting the registration for the event that the submitted photo can be used without any rights

  4. Registration fee and registration deadline

    The participation fee and if requested the reminder plate (Rallyeschild) and a rÖno4 sticker to Helmut Edlinger, Raiffeisenbank Gloggnitz, BAN: AT28 3219 5000 0008 4061 / BIC: RLNWATWWASP with reason for payment "rÖno4 meeting 2020". If you do not accept a registration or cancel the event, the participation fees will be refunded at short notice. Otherwise applies - participation fee is regret money.

  5. Confirmation of participation

    By 18 April 2020 at the latest, the take-off permits or rejections will be sent by e-mail.

  6. Media coverage

    By submitting the application, the participants agree that the organizer may distribute all events connected with the event through the media, without any claims being asserted against the organizer or the publishing media.

  7. Responsibility of the participants

    The participants (drivers, passengers and passengers, owners and owners) take part in the event at their own risk. You are solely responsible under civil and criminal law for any damage caused by you or the vehicles you use, unless a disclaimer is agreed after this invitation to tender.

  8. General provisions

    The organizer reserves the right to cancel the meeting if this is the case. Appeals and protests against this call for tenders and the implementing regulations will not be allowed. The participants acknowledge the conditions of the tender by sending the application. Under the item "Personal wishes and news" in the registration form, suggestions and ideas can be deposited.