2019 again more R4 in Austria

The Renault 4 stock has grown every year since 2013. As of 31 December 2018, 591 Renault 4 were registered in Austria. Especially in the east and south of Austria the Renault 4 friends are at home. Innsbruck is a stronghold in the west with 19 approved Renault 4. And in the district of Bludenz with 9 Renault 4 has the nose before Bregenz. In Burgenland the Oberpullendorf district is the favorite place for a Renault 4. These and even more information can be found in the report on this homepage at www.renaultr4.at/r4-bestand/

It's quite interesting where the 591 Renault 4 are all at home and maybe all these Renault 4 fans will once find Gloggnitz at one of the annual rÖno4 meetings. Over 40 different R4 from Austria have been in the rÖno4 meeting since 2012 :-)!Greetings and hopefully see you soon

Your Helmut