Report 8. rÖno4 Meeting

In the magical region of southern Lower Austria in Gloggnitz, the "city in the mountains", we have now come together for the 8th time to the "rÖno4 meeting"! The weather forecast for Saturday, May 4, 2019 has predicted cold wet weather. But for a Renault 4 driver, the weather is not an obstacle, although we all know that our little French are not very close ;-). So the weather is not a reason to stay at home. But because of a loss of oil and a defective wiper motor, two participants unfortunately had to cancel at short notice. 22 participants (21st Renault 4 and a Volvo with Renault engine ;-) were looking forward to a common exit and were in good spirits despite the weather forecast. At this meeting we were happy about the 100th participant (Josef from Klosterneuburg) and the longest arrival from Bavaria had Paul and Mathias. Because the R4 Fan community is so weatherproof, the Czeczelits Automegastore gave each participant a big umbrella!
The mayoress of Gloggnitz, Mrs. Irene Gölles, kindly gave us back the city office so that we could meet here and have the first gasoline talks in the foyer. After a little preview and discussion, we started off with a lot of motivation and luckily the weather was not nearly as bad as announced. After a lap of honor through the city of Gloggnitz, we unintentionally dispersed for the first time in the municipality, but a short time later, before Altendorf - Penk, again found. It went straight over Kirchau in the Bucklige world. The first target was the wind farm in Lichtenegg. But at the first humps in the Renault 4 of August a hose burst and water vapor came from the engine compartment. With a quick hand, the hose was repaired and everyone was able to reach the goal. 

The wind farm in Lichtenegg has been in existence since 2003 and consists of only one wind turbine. The weather was slightly windy and cloudy, so the foresight was somewhat limited. Nevertheless, most people did not miss the chance to take a look at the Windmill observation deck over the 300 steps. At 65 meters altitude we had a magnificent panoramic view in "The land of 1000 hills".

The journey continued over a few hills to Krumbach, where a big show took place. This Saturday we were already expected and we got a parking lot in the middle of the exhibition area. Thanks to Norbert Luckerbauer (Ford Luckerbauer) and Gottfried Geigner (Skoda and Seat Geigner) for the support. Styrians were playing in the marquee and we were able to fortify ourselves here with schnitzel, beer and other delicacies. Some of the Renault 4 drivers stormed then also the flea market, which was also to be found on the show. Many visitors took the opportunity to look at our Renault 4 and chatted with the drivers right away.

The weather was not bad, but it was not inviting for the planned walk. That's why we stayed a little longer at the show. We will conquer Hutwisch, the highest point of the Bucklige Welt (891m), at another rÖno4 meeting.

After the flea market plundered, the folk music fans got their money's worth and the last gasoline talks were completed, it was in the late afternoon on the next hill to the manufactory of the ice Greissler to Königsegg. With ice cream, coffee and cake the day could end comfortably. The sun kept coming out from behind the clouds and the longer the day went on, the more she ventured out. It has drizzled again and again, but the weather was not really terrible. It could also have been "pouring in sheepskins", but thank God that was spared us! It was a great day with our Renault 4 and many nice people, all of whom enjoyed it a lot!

Exciting became for some of us the journey home over so many alpine pass. The announced snowfall up to higher valleys has actually happened and so were some of the Renault 4 in May still on snow and slush on the way. In the end, but all come home well and we look forward to the next rÖno4 meeting, which will take place again on the first weekend of May, on 2 May 2020.

Have a good trip and a lot of friends with your Renault 4 wishes you

Up and down it went in the land of the Thousand Hills in the south of Lower Austria :-)